Ceri Vintage Photoshoot

My fashion photography class shot our midterm project at an awesome vintage store in Florence called Ceri Vintage. This was my first time ever shooting in the studio with a real model. These are the photographs that I took during the shoot:

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Did ya miss me??

I havn’t been blogging much on here but dont you worry, I’ll be back tommorow with a nice long recap of my weekend on the Amalfi Coast. Until then please checkout my blog posts that were published on the FlorenceForFun website recently:


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I had my first day of Fashion Photography class today. It’s waaaay more advanced then I thought it would be so it’s definitly going to be a challenging course, but I’m still going to love it. We went out for a test shoot in Piazza Santa Croce which is just down the street from my classroom. We had to test different F Stops and aperatures and speeds. I learned more about my camera today then I have in the 3 years that I’ve had it.

So basically we walked around being paparazzi for an hour…here are some of my favorite shots from today:

Oops, he noticed!

Oops, he noticed!

A new friend I made

A new friend I made

Ran into Lexx outside the class building!

Ope! Ran into Lexx in the City on the way out of class

And Julie's in my class :)

Although she didnt include me in her blog about Fashion Photography, here’s a pic of Julie. She’s in my class. Hi Julie.

My pants kinda rocked today
My pants kinda rocked today


I think Julie actually took this when she borrowed my camera but whataiiiirrr, I luhhh this

I think Julie actually took this when she borrowed my camera but whataiiiirrr, I luhhh this

so strong
so strong

those shoessss

those shoessss 

stripes & leather

stripes & leather

oh how cute

oh how cute

...aaaaand she noticed

…aaaaand she noticed

The Florence Fifteen

The food here.


Oh lord, the food here.

I finally started to work off my freshman 15 and now I’m tempted with the smell of amazing italian food everywhere i go every single day. Shoooot

After a honey moon period of consuming carbo-loaded meals every day this week, I stepped on the breaks a bit this weekend. I excercised alot and started eating less carbs and more veggies & protein. I’m making it a priority to not let myself go over here!  I havn’t gotten a chance to check out the FUA gym yet because they have kind of weird hours but I’m definitly going to be hitting that up daily. I’m not trying to show up to softball in January out of shape!!

This weekend I worked off some pizza, pasta and gelato and explored Firenze at the same time. On Saturday we first took a walk to the produce market and stocked up on fruits, veggies & eggs. Then we went hiking up to Piazzale Michelangelo. The piazza is elevated to provide a breathtaking panoramic view of the beautiful city of Florence! Of course, I lugged my Canon with me to get some pictures of the journey:



Saturday night was lengend-waitforit-dary. We wanted to experience how italians “go out” so we went out with some Florence natives we know. We went to SPACE, the club Jersey Shore frequently hit up when they filmed in Florence. We normally wouldn’t have chose to follow in the footsteps of Snooki & J.Woww, but our friends are VIP there so hey, why not! We got that ~*ViP tR3AtMenT*~ aka didnt have to pay a dime the whole night and got to chill in a seperate glass room above everyone….watching over all the funny drunken people below us. Swag.


After a long night/morning out, I woke up on Sunday and made a tomato and mozz sandwich on a croissant with the fresh ingrediants I had bought at the farmers market. After that I laced my keys into my sneakers and went for a run down the Arno river which is located just a block away from my apartment. I ran all the way down to the Ponte Della Vittoria and then back through the city. It was probably a bad idea to run back through the city because cars and motorcycles drive so fast and unpredictable around here. I also got made fun of/mocked by an obnoxious tourist.  It’s so weird because when I run in Boston no one acknowledges me because there are so many runners around….but here in Florence it seems that no one works out. It’s confusing….They live on a diet of carbs carbs and carbs- yet I passed just one jogger on my run! ONE! In Boston I pass about 50 per mile! So strange.

Well, anyways- I ran around sunset so i had a gorgeous view of the Arno as I ran:


Aaaand thats the story of my first weekend in Florence!

xoxoPWAGOR (lol)

If you like pizza and naked statues, you’d love my new apartment…

For the next four months I’ll be living in the beautiful Piazza della Signoria. This piazza in the center of Florence is known as the political hub of the city because it is home to the city hall (which is actually a beautiful palace called Palazzo Vecchio) and also home to several famous statues and statue copies such as David & The Fountain of Neptune.


I live above two pizzerias  so all the rooms in my building are filled with the smell of pizza and pasta 24/7. YEAH.


The people here are unbelievably friendly. As soon as we leave our door, all of the waiters at the restaurants around us yell “Ciao neighbors, Buongiorrno!” In our Boston apartment we never met any of our neighbors and we were there for a whole year…….


I have literally so much to blog about but sooooo little time. Eventually I’l get used to blogging more often but for now I’ll just post some pictures!

Pasta, Prada & Pinot

Ever since I could remember I’ve wanted to travel to Italy. The culture, food, fashion-everything about it has just always fascinated me. In middle school I went to a summer camp that taught me about the Italian culture, cooking and language (yup…nerdy, i know). In high school I struggled through three years of Italian. One of my main descisions for picking Suffolk University was that it gave me a great opportunity to study abroad. And now finally, in exactly one week I will be arriving in the land of pasta, Prada, and Pinot. Hey Italy, im coming for youuuuuuuu!

Okay so about this blog…….I don’t want to be annoying like “hey hey look at me, im cultured and what not” but I do want a place to post about my life abroad, to share my experiences with friends & family and utimately use this as sort of an online scrapback to share with my grandkids someday. I’m obviously going to be instagramming and tweeting and facebooking and and and… but here’s a place that organizes all of that. Also, I pinky promise the posts will get waaaay more interesting than this. This is just the cliche “hey, i made a blog” intro.