Okay, so I’ve been meaning to write about my fabulous weekend in Amalfi for the past few days but I’ve literally had no time!! I have so many stories to tell but I have no time to compose them all into a well written blog. SO I decided I’m just gonna bullet them on here. AAaaaaand here we go:

Day 1: Bus Ride

-Left Florence around 6PM

-Ate gas station pasta for dinner…..attention fellow study abroad students:  I do not advise doing this unless you’ve come prepared with Tums

-Arrived in Sorrento at like 2am

-Our hotel was kinda sketch but whatever we in AMALFI YOOOO

Day 2:  Capri 

-Woke up bright and early

-Had our breakfast at the hotel. They served us a croisant and a dinner roll. Have some carbs with your carbs!

-Before we left I realized I forgot my camera in the room. *gasp*

-I BROKE MY KEY IN HALF IN THE LOCK SO I COULD NOT GET IN THE DOOR. I ran upstairs to try and get another key but the guy didnt understand me and gave me the bathroom key. So yeah, no pretty pictures of Capri–sorry Facebook!

-We took a ferry to the island of Capri. Then we hopped on another boat when we got there and took a tour around the entire island.

-I saw Armani’s beach villa/my future villa.

-We were supposed to go in the blue gratto (something that’s been on my bucket list since highschool Italian when thats all Mrs Martha would talk about in class) buuuut because of the wicked high tide, they couldn’t fit a boat inside, therefore we could only drive past.

-After the boat tour we hiked across the island to the beach.

-I ate delicious gnochhi.

-Then I swam and got a tan (lol jk im a ginger)

-The beach didnt have sand- it had giant pebbles. So different but shockingly way more comfortable then i anticipated. Plus you dont get sand in and on every part of your body.

-Unfortunately, I was having too much fun taking pictures and GOT MY PHONE WET. EVEN THOUGH I HAVE A LIFEPROOF CASE!!!! SO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN DO NOT TRUST LIFE PROOF CASES!!!!!!!!! My phone is still in rice. Pray for it plz.

-We had a limoncello tasting before we left Capri.  The cream limoncello was my fave. There was also a meloncello that was delishhh.

-Capri was GORGEOUS!!!!! I NEED to go back.

-That night we went out to an outdoor bar in Sorrento. It was awesome

-The walk back from the bar was hilarious. Lex and I were with our tour leader, Jon. He picked a giant cactus branch off of a cactus just for fun. He later dropped it on Alexas head. Lex has a new nickname. ~*CaCtUsSss*~


-Again, we had our croisant and roll breakfast to start our day

-Then, we traveled to POSITANO

-omg omg omg omg POSITANO


-It was a dream. We walked through the cutest town ever to a black sand beach.

-Oh, and we stopped for paninis on the way. Not just any panini…quite possibly the best panini ever. I’m still conviced Pino’s is better but everyone else I was with said this place was better so idk idk.

-I bought a really cute cover up for like 6 euros so that was rad.


-Then, a group of us rented a boat and boated around the Mediterranean. SO CASUAL.

-We discovered a random cave. We met two guys in a row boat who said they lived nearby and said they swim in that cave all the time. Sooo we jumped off the boat, did a little cliff jumping.. then swam into the cave. (grotto in italian) It was probably the coolest 20 mins of my life.



-After the boat ride we did some tanning on the beach. (again jk jk i did some burning #ginglyfe)

-Then we went to a cute little restaurant and got drinks. I got a La Pergola. I cant remeber exactly what was in it but it was a blue slush with limocello! O lord.

-We experienced our first bad italian meal for dinner at this place on the water. We shouldnt have trusted 6 euro pizza I guess.

-Aaaaaand one of the best days ever came to an end.

Day 4: Pompeiii & Mt Vesuvius


-We went to Pompeii. It was cool- a little boring- but still cool. I saw dead people and lots of ancient ruins.


-We had really good pizza for lunch.

-Then, we climbed Mt Vesuvius which was AMAZING.




-Oh, if your wondering why the pictures are crappy its because i forgot to tell you, my camera screen broke in Positano bc I dropped it in wet sand. I was nervous to use it/I didnt feel like carrying it around with me. It’s back to normal now though so dont worrry!!

-Alexa’s hat blew off and over the roped off section of the volcano. LOL.

-Something interesting: People of Pompeii/ Mt Vesuvuis are OBSESSED with sex and genitalia. The statues, postcards and gifts and stuff are so graphic. It’s pretty funny.

-So yeah after climbing Vesuvs we headed back to Florence.

-We stopped at the Autogrill again for dinner and I didn’t have pasta. Good choice Nicole. My tomato and buffalo mozz panini was actually delish considering I bought it at a gas station.


Okay so I ended up writing way more than I planned but whatever! In conclusion, THAT IS THE STORY OF MY FAB WEEKEND IN AMALFI.

Stay tuned for next weeks blog about Oktoberfest!!! I leave for Munich tommorow night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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