Pasta, Prada & Pinot

Ever since I could remember I’ve wanted to travel to Italy. The culture, food, fashion-everything about it has just always fascinated me. In middle school I went to a summer camp that taught me about the Italian culture, cooking and language (yup…nerdy, i know). In high school I struggled through three years of Italian. One of my main descisions for picking Suffolk University was that it gave me a great opportunity to study abroad. And now finally, in exactly one week I will be arriving in the land of pasta, Prada, and Pinot. Hey Italy, im coming for youuuuuuuu!

Okay so about this blog…….I don’t want to be annoying like “hey hey look at me, im cultured and what not” but I do want a place to post about my life abroad, to share my experiences with friends & family and utimately use this as sort of an online scrapback to share with my grandkids someday. I’m obviously going to be instagramming and tweeting and facebooking and and and… but here’s a place that organizes all of that. Also, I pinky promise the posts will get waaaay more interesting than this. This is just the cliche “hey, i made a blog” intro.



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